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£ 66.21 66.21000000000001 GBP
Stainless Steel Strapping
Highly corrosion-resistant strap for food processing, marine and medical installation applications
£ 38.42 38.42 GBP
Kinetix® Lightweight 50mm Stretch Film Dispenser
Budget hand stretch wrap dispenser
For manual stretch wrapping of pallets and large consignments
lightweight plastic construction
separate base/top sections enable any film width dimensions to be used
film core diameter 50mm
£ 6.96 6.96 GBP
Kinetix® 25mm/75mm Tape Dispenser, Black
Budget bench top dispenser for 19-25mm wide tapes on 25mm or 75mm diameter cores
£ 3.92 3.92 GBP
100mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser
Hand held dispenser for 100mm wide packing tapes
£ 20.12 20.12 GBP
Extra Heavy Duty 75mm Pistol Grip Dispenser
Extra heavy duty hand held dispenser for 75mm wide packing tapes
£ 27.57 27.57 GBP
Triple Core Desktop Tape Dispenser
Bench top dispenser with triple spindle for 75mm, 3x25mm or 25mm/50mm wide tapes on 75mm diameter core
£ 26.04 26.04 GBP
Tip 'n' Tell Labels
Single-use detection of excessive consignment tilt in one axis
permanent irreversible evidence
activated if tilted more than 80 degree from vertical (+/- 5 degree)
can be applied to consignment with self-adhesive backing or nails/screws/staples
priming pin prevents pre-use activation
two monitors placed on adjacent carton sides give multi-directional protection
moisture-proof ideal for export consignments
includes companion label to show how monitor will look if activated
£ 2.61 2.61 GBP
Heavy Duty Dual Tape Desktop Dispenser
Heavy duty bench top tape dispenser, with dual spindle for 50mm or 2x25mm tapes
£ 25.28 25.28 GBP
Bench Tape Dispenser For 25mm Tapes
Heavy duty weighted bench top dispenser for 25mm wide self-adhesive tapes on 25mm and 75mm diameter cores
£ 5.39 5.39 GBP
Stickfast™ Slimline 220W Hotmelt Applicator
Mains powered 12mm glue gun for light duty industrial use
£ 72.18 72.18 GBP
Stickfast™ 300W Hotmelt Glue Applicator Gun
Mains powered 12mm glue gun for medium duty industrial use
£ 153.17 153.17000000000002 GBP
Stainless Steel Strapping Tensioner
Manual tensioner for SSB stainless steel strapping
£ 88.97 88.97 GBP
50mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser with Rubber Roller
Competitively priced hand held dispenser for 50mm wide self-adhesive packing tapes
£ 7.28 7.28 GBP
£ 7.35 7.3500000000000005 GBP
Stickfast™ 80W Hotmelt Applicator
Mains powered 12mm glue gun for entry level industrial use
high dispensing accuracy and comfortable to use
supplied with fine nozzle; other interchangeable nozzle types available
operating temperature pre-set at 193C
removable stand
can be suspended from HGS12 tool balance
comfortable long-trigger grip
compatible with 12mm diameter glue sticks (not included)
maximum glue output 8g per minute
power supply 240V
power consumption 80W
£ 39.17 39.17 GBP
Woven Polypropylene Sacks
Strong, tear-resistant sacks for heavy or sharp fabricated and engineered products
£ 32.39 32.39 GBP
Optimax Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Fully enclosed mobile table strapper for general use
£ 1,304.61 1304.6100000000001 GBP