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Buckles for Woven Strapping
Weather-resistant galvanised steel strapping buckles
or use
High grip sherardised steel strapping buckles with enhanced weather resistance

Available in a range of sizes to suit various widths of woven strapping.

enhanced weather resistance
suitable for woven cord and hotmelt PET strap
£ 99.66 99.66 GBP
Steel Strap Safety Cutter
cuts steel strapping up to 0.9mm thick and 32mm wide
rubber pads either side of blade gently release strap ends after cutting
£ 58.77 58.77 GBP
Stainless Steel Strapping
Highly corrosion-resistant strap for food processing, marine and medical installation applications
£ 38.42 38.42 GBP
Extended Arm Steel Strap Cutters
cuts steel strapping up to 0.9mm thick and 32mm wide
extended arms for optimum cutting power
PVC handle grips
weight 0.8kg
£ 27.60 27.6 GBP
PP Strapping Tensioner
Budget tensioner for up to 19mm hotmelt strap
lightweight and simple to use
integral strap cutting blade
£ 75.03 75.03 GBP
£ 183.08 183.08 GBP
Offset Jaw Sealer for PP & PET Strapping
Hand operated sealer for extruded polyester and polypropylene strapping
maximum strap width 12mm for KNS12 and 16mm for KNS16
offset jaws for enhanced seal efficiency
use with Safeguard SER16-SG serrated seals (16mm) SER12-SG (KNS12)
£ 83.60 83.60000000000001 GBP