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Polythene Layflat Tubing
Extruded and Manufactured in our own UK based factory. If you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us as we will be happy to discuss manufacturing your item.

Large discounts on bulk orders.
£ 37.73 37.730000000000004 GBP
Polypropylene Twine
Suitable for most tying applications each spool of white polypropylene twine has a centre feed to ensure knotless dispensing and is encased in strong plastic to protect from moisture and dust.

This virtually unbreakable white polypropylene twine is lightweight but with fibrillated strands for extra strength making sure all your parcels and packaging are secured.
£ 15.60 15.6 GBP
Hand Held Crimping Heat Sealer

flat or crimp seal for polythene bags and tubing
maximum seal thickness 2 x 200 micron
seal width 2.5mm
maximum seal length 150mm
power consumption 25-50W
weight 1.22kg
Heat 80-200°C
£ 95.31 95.31 GBP
50mm Pistol Grip Dispenser with reversible blade

Our most popular hand held dispenser for 50mm wide self-adhesive
tape width 50mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 66-132mtrs
adjustable brake
hinged blade protector
tape grip uses static charge to hold leading tape in position
double-edged reversible blade for longer blade life
£ 7.35 7.3500000000000005 GBP
Evans Safezone Plus 5L
Multi-surface disinfectant cleaner protecting against a range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. Designed for areas requiring high hygiene standards, Safezone Plus is ideal for disinfecting washable hard surfaces in facilities like hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, as well being highly recommended for use in schools and leisure centres. This disinfectant helps prevent microbial transmission, removing light soiling and killing bacteria and viruses in one application.

Volume (Ltr): 10
European Test Standard: EN14476, EN1276, EN13697, EN13727, EN14561, EN13704, EN13624, EN13697, EN1650, EN14562.
Makes: Makes: Up to 50 mop buckets, up to 330 750ml Trigger Bottles
£ 18.00 18.0 GBP
Plastic Edge Protectors
Protect consignment edges from damage caused by strap over-tensioning or chafing with these injection-moulded polypropylene edge protectors. They are inserted between the strap and the consignment before the strap is fully tensioned.
£ 33.06 33.06 GBP
Grey Opaque Stock Mailing Bags - 50mu - With Printed Warning Notice
(With permanent self-adhesive tape to lip)
£ 46.95 46.95 GBP
£ 76.16 76.16 GBP
£ 2.76 2.7600000000000002 GBP
£ 18.00 18.0 GBP
£ 94.68 94.68 GBP
Buckles for Woven Strapping
Weather-resistant galvanised steel strapping buckles
or use
High grip sherardised steel strapping buckles with enhanced weather resistance

Available in a range of sizes to suit various widths of woven strapping.

enhanced weather resistance
suitable for woven cord and hotmelt PET strap
£ 99.66 99.66 GBP
£ 4.10 4.1 GBP
Vinyl Solvent Tapes
High quality vinyl packing tape with solvent adhesive
35 micron vinyl
solvent adhesive for more aggressive hold
better suited to freezer and coldstore environments
core diameter 75mm
tape width 48mm
roll length 66mtr
£ 1.29 1.29 GBP
Steel Strap Safety Cutter
cuts steel strapping up to 0.9mm thick and 32mm wide
rubber pads either side of blade gently release strap ends after cutting
£ 58.77 58.77 GBP
Standard 75mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser
Tape width 75mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 132mtr
adjustable brake
hinged blade protector
tape grip uses static charge to hold leading tape in position
replacement blade RB75 (carton of 10)
replacement tape flap RTF75 (carton of 10)
weight 0.6kg
£ 17.18 17.18 GBP
£ 113.90 113.9 GBP
£ 1,390.50 1390.5 GBP