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Document Enclosed Wallets

Premium-brand self-adhesive document wallets
Holds documents securely and visibly on outside of consignment
protect documents against dirt and moisture
£ 69.87 69.87 GBP
£ 38.42 38.42 GBP
£ 33.41 33.410000000000004 GBP
Stock Polythene Sheeting
Available in Black or Clear and many thicknesses.
We manufacure this product, please call for bulk discounts
£ 77.20 77.2 GBP
Stock Clear Polythene Bags
Regran contains 30% recycled content. Virgin is suitable for food use.
£ 124.66 124.66 GBP
PVC Shrinkfilm

clear 19 micron PVC
high film clarity
low shrink temperature and fast seal/shrink cycle
£ 40.71 40.71 GBP
Lane Marking Tape Applicator
Ideal for applying Marcwell® hazard and lane marking floor tapes
reduces operator back strain
applies tape evenly to floor and easier to maintain straight lines
accepts tapes up to 100mm wide (not included)
£ 124.70 124.7 GBP
Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Tape

Solid aluminium foil tape with self-adhesive backing and release liner
£ 3.05 3.0500000000000003 GBP
Pallet Probe
Fast, ergonomic solution to manually feeding strap through the frame of a pallet
£ 11.33 11.33 GBP
12mm Tape Bag Neck Sealer
Metal framed bag neck sealer for 9-12mm wide tapes
durable metal frame
can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface
throat width 12mm
tape width 9-12mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 132mtr
£ 12.72 12.72 GBP
50mm HD Pistol Grip Dispenser with Retractable Blade
metal frame
tape width 50mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 132mtr
retractable blade
adjustable brake
£ 10.97 10.97 GBP
Heavy Duty Dual Tape Desktop Dispenser
Heavy duty bench top tape dispenser, with dual spindle for 50mm or 2x25mm tapes
£ 25.28 25.28 GBP
Film Unrollers

for shrink films and layflat tubing (not included)
integral film separator bar
maximum film width 300mm
weight 1.7kg
£ 71.42 71.42 GBP
Paper Roll Dispenser
Versatile packaging roll products dispenser
suitable for all packaging paper rolls
perfect for entry-level or low usage
can be mounted on/under a bench or wall-mounted
20mm diameter unwind bar
Maximum roll diameter 240mm
£ 70.05 70.05 GBP
Cruze Cutter®
Best-selling, ergonomically designed multipurpose cutter and slitter

finger and thumb rests in optimum position for all hand sizes
wider more comfortable body profile
embossed body for enhanced grip
large thumbnail cutter pierces tape seals without damaging carton contents
slitter blade for plastic strap and stretchwrap film cutting
slitter blade recessed within moulding for greater safety
curved leading slitter edge prevents snagging
eyelet for lanyard attachment
£ 2.18 2.18 GBP
Standard Duty Write On Panel Grip Seal Bags

Clear 35mu polythene bags with a useful resealable closure and write-on panel. 1,000 Bags per pack.
£ 6.62 6.62 GBP
Standard Duty Plain Grip Seal Bags
Clear 35mu polythene bags with a useful resealable closure
£ 4.55 4.55 GBP
12mm Bag Neck Sealer Trimmer with Trimmer
Our most popular bag neck sealer, with excess bag neck trimming blade
durable metal construction separate trimming blade for excess bag neck can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface throat width 7mm tape width 9-12mm (not included) core diameter 75mm maximum roll length 132mtr
£ 16.83 16.830000000000002 GBP
Heavy Duty Plier Stapler
Ideal for sealing padded mailer bags, sacks and small cartons
Three interchangeable anvils for different stapling profiles
compatible with 73/8 73/10 and 73/12 staples
£ 61.08 61.08 GBP
Stainless Steel Strapping
Highly corrosion-resistant strap for food processing, marine and medical installation applications
£ 38.42 38.42 GBP