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Evans Vanodine Destain Coffee Stain & Tannin Powder 5kg
A highly effective powder for removing tea and coffee stains from crockery. It is also suitable for removing tannin stains from tea urns, coffee making machines and vending machines.
Features & Benefits

Dissolves easily in hot water.
Contains a chlorine-releasing agent.
Cleans & disinfects in one operation.
Removes tannin and stubborn stains.
Unperfumed, taint free.
Effective in soft, medium or hard water.
Has a pH of 11.
£ 22.71 22.71 GBP
PVC Shrinkfilm

clear 19 micron PVC
high film clarity
low shrink temperature and fast seal/shrink cycle
£ 40.71 40.71 GBP
Layflat Tubing Dispenser
telescopic tubular steel frame
width adjusts to take 400-1050mm wide rolls (not included)
maximum weight loading 40kg
weight 3.8kg
£ 111.81 111.81 GBP
Steel Strap Safety Cutter
cuts steel strapping up to 0.9mm thick and 32mm wide
rubber pads either side of blade gently release strap ends after cutting
£ 58.77 58.77 GBP
£ 69.87 69.87 GBP
12mm Tape Bag Neck Sealer
Metal framed bag neck sealer for 9-12mm wide tapes
durable metal frame
can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface
throat width 12mm
tape width 9-12mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 132mtr
£ 12.72 12.72 GBP
Packs of 100mm Handywrap Rolls
Available in Clear and Black in several thicknesses
£ 9.50 9.5 GBP
Lane Marking Tape Applicator
Ideal for applying Marcwell® hazard and lane marking floor tapes
£ 124.70 124.7 GBP
£ 33.06 33.06 GBP
£ 60.14 60.14 GBP
Pallet Probe
Fast, ergonomic solution to manually feeding strap through the frame of a pallet
£ 11.33 11.33 GBP
£ 99.66 99.66 GBP
£ 91.62 91.62 GBP
Film Unrollers

for shrink films and layflat tubing (not included)
integral film separator bar
maximum film width 300mm
weight 1.7kg
£ 71.42 71.42 GBP
£ 4.10 4.1 GBP