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SKU Steel Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Coil Length Av Coil Weight Break Strength Coils Per Pallet Price Per Price Qty
RWS13 13 0.5 326mtr 16.5kg 560kg 36 Coil
RWS16 16 0.5 332mtr 21kg 720kg 30 Coil
RWS19 19 0.5 316mtr 24kg 850kg 25 Coil
RW13 13 0.5 395mtr 20kg 560kg 31 Coil
RW16 16 0.5 395mtr 25kg 720kg 25 Coil
RW19 19 0.5 395mtr 30kg 850kg 21 Coil
RW19Z 19 0.5 395mtr 30kg 850kg 21 Coil
RW19-06 19 0.6 336mtr 30kg 1000kg 21 Coil
RW25 25 0.8 258mtr 41kg 1700kg 18 Coil
RW32 32 0.8 240mtr 48kg 2040kg 22 Coil
RW32Z 32 0.8 240mtr 48kg 2040kg 22 Coil
Product Description
Code Size Type Av Coil Weight Coil Length Breaking Strain Coils/Pallet
RW13 13mm x.5 Black 20kg 395mtr 560kg 31
RW16 16mm x.5 Black 25kg 395mtr 720kg 25
RW19 19mm x.5 Black 30kg 395mtr 850kg 21
RW19Z 19mm x.5 Zinc Coated 30kg 395mtr 850kg 21
RW19-06 19mm x.6 Black 30kg 336mtr 1000kg 21
RW25 25mm x.8 Black 41kg 258mtr 1700kg 18
RW32 32mm x.8 Black 48kg 240mtr 2040kg 22
RW2Z 32mm x.8 Zinc Coated 48kg 240mtr 2040kg 22
RWS13 13mm x.5 Black 16.5kg 326mtr 560kg 36
RWS16 16mm x.5 Black 21kg 332mtr 720kg 30
RWS19 19mm x.5 Black 24kg 316mtr 850kg 25
Additional Information
Additional Information
Description No
Coil Length No
Av Coil Weight No
Winding No
Break Strength No
Coils Per Pallet No
Price Per Coil
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