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Tegrabond® 3S Manual Tape Dispenser
£ 173.01 £ 173.01 173.01 GBP
Metal Wide Tape Bag Neck Sealer
£ 35.15 £ 35.15 35.15 GBP
12mm Tape Bag Neck Sealer
£ 12.72 £ 12.72 12.72 GBP
Metal framed bag neck sealer for 9-12mm wide tapes
durable metal frame
can be fixed to any horizontal or vertical surface
throat width 12mm
tape width 9-12mm
core diameter 75mm
maximum roll length 132mtr
Kinetix® 25mm/75mm Tape Dispenser, Black
£ 3.92 £ 3.92 3.92 GBP
Budget bench top dispenser for 19-25mm wide tapes on 25mm or 75mm diameter cores
100mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser
£ 20.12 £ 20.12 20.12 GBP
Hand held dispenser for 100mm wide packing tapes
Triple Core Desktop Tape Dispenser
£ 26.04 £ 26.04 26.04 GBP
Bench top dispenser with triple spindle for 75mm, 3x25mm or 25mm/50mm wide tapes on 75mm diameter core
Heavy Duty Dual Tape Desktop Dispenser
£ 25.28 £ 25.28 25.28 GBP
Heavy duty bench top tape dispenser, with dual spindle for 50mm or 2x25mm tapes
Bench Tape Dispenser For 25mm Tapes
£ 5.39 £ 5.39 5.39 GBP
Heavy duty weighted bench top dispenser for 25mm wide self-adhesive tapes on 25mm and 75mm diameter cores
50mm Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser with Rubber Roller
£ 7.28 £ 7.28 7.28 GBP
Competitively priced hand held dispenser for 50mm wide self-adhesive packing tapes
Heavy Duty Polythene Bag Neck Sealer with cutter
£ 44.91 £ 44.91 44.910000000000004 GBP