Polythene Bags & Sacks

Our huge range of modern polythene conversion equipment and machinery allow us to manufacture a wide range of different styles of polythene bags and sacks. From thick to thin and narrow to wide.

Modern Machinery

Gives us high efficiency and quick lead times.

High Quality

Our staff are fully trained to ensure high quality products

Energy Efficient

We take our energy efficiency very seriously and our modern equipment helps us to use less energy.

Speedy Deliveries

We aim to always give our customers good and realistic leadtimes

Just some of the many types of bags we can produce here at Lynx Polythene Ltd

Polythene Bags & Sacks

We are able to manufacture a massive range of bags and sacks here at Lynx. From very small 50mm up to large pallet covers. We can supply bags either as singles or perforated on rolls, with or without cores.

Printed bags & sacks

We are able to help you with any printed bags and sacks you need. From initial design to manufacture. From simple single colour to full colour designs. We are also able to offer digital printing for small runs in full colour.

Mailing Bags & Courier Bags

We are able to manufacture most types of mailing bags and can offer printing and bio-degradable options. We can manufacture simple grey mailers from recycled materials up to full colour bags. Again we can offer a digital printing service for small runs where full colour is required.

Bags on Rolls

We can manufacture all of our bottom welded bags and sacks and supply the bags on a roll. Either on cores or coreless. This is great for dispensing and storage. We can supply all types of dispensers as well, both mobile and static for large bags in industrial applications.

post gusset bags

When all over print is required on primarily bottom weld sacks the post gusset option is the only way to achieve this. The film is printed in Lay Flat form and the side gussets are tucked in during conversion.

Patch Handle & Flexiloop Carrier Bags

Either style of carrier can be produced in numerous colours with up to 8 colour process print. A security style is also available with a perm tape inside the bag below the handle suitable for airport / Duty free applications.
We can also add a document enclosed pocket to the face if required.

Hook & Clip Close Bags

Clip close handle bags and hook bags are both excellent ways of displaying products in the retail trade; they also keep the product smart, tidy and clean. These bags are also the perfect way for consumers to carry the products away from the shop after purchasing it.
Lynx can supply you with polythene and polypropylene bags with hooks fitted; these hooks are applied automatically during the conversion process, taking away the need to fit them by hand and therefore making the process more economical.

Our production site is dedicated to the extrusion, printing and conversion of a huge range of flexible packaging products in polythene and polypropylene.

Lynx Polythene Ltd are continually investing in modern technologies and training in order to expand and develop their product range and so provide the customers with better products and packaging solutions.

If standard patch or flexiloop carrier bags are not suitable then plastic handles in various styles and colours can be fitted to the bags.

If you have any questions regarding the clip close handle bags or hook bags, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Lynx and a member of the team will be happy to help.

security bags

For transfer of cash or sensitive product / document information. Similar to courier sacks these can be plain or printed both mono or co-ex film with high tack tamper evident tapes and document enclosed wallets and sequential numbers.

shaped & compartment bags

We have various attachments that allow us to create the most weird and wonderful of configurations. If you have a particular requirement bespoke tools can also be developed to give you a unique solution to your problem or marketing angle.

Skirt Side Weld Bags

This style of bag is stronger than a conventional side weld bag. It is a suitable application for when bag strength is critical or the bag style has to be made from Single Wound Sheeting due to print requirement.

Ideal for Ice packing bags.

wicketted bags

With Lemo and FMC twin and single track wicketters we are able to produce the simple “Cabbage bag” to high quality 8 colour print in both polythene and polyprop with re-inforced headers with Lateral seals and Euroslots. We can offer captive flaps, block heading with serrated lips, re-seal and permanent tape etc.

If you are looking for wicketted bags in any format we will not disappoint.

gripseal bags

These bags are a type of self sealing packaging which usually have two plastic ridges at the top that click closed together, they are also known as mini grip bags or resealable bags and they offer an ideal packaging solution when securing content or avoiding leakage is required.
We have developed a broad side weld for watertight applications commonly used in Oven cleaning kits. We also produce a wide range of printed grip seal currency exchange bags.
A bonus of these bags is that you can write on them, this can be advantageous in many situations.

From design to your production line….

We can help you design a bag to suit your specific application, we can talk and advise you through the process to allow you to choose a bag which suits your application.

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