Polythene Layflat Tubing

Polythene Layflat Tubing, known as polythene tubing, is a continuous length of polythene tubing that creates custom bags of almost any shape and size. It protects products from dust and dirt during manufacture, or can be used to improve their presentation in store. Layflat tubing, often referred to as LFT, is manufactured in a long, continuous tube that is wound around a central core or reel and then supplied by the roll to a wide range of industries. Available in a wide range of sizes from 2” to 48” wide as standard, but manufactured to any size required to suit bespoke orders, layflat tubing is a fantastic product and incredibly versatile. By unrolling the tubing off the reel, layflat tubing provides a simple solution for wrapping products of varying lengths, shapes and sizes. Just roll on enough layflat tubing to cover your product, cut to size, seal and - hey presto! - your item is packaged. The ideal tool for sealing layflat tubing is a manual heat sealer. In fact, when layflat tubing is used in combination with a heat sealer, it can be used used it to package almost anything you want. We operate 9 polythene extrusion lines and are able to manufacture polythene layflat tubing from 50mm up to 1600mm in width. We are also able to treat any films for printing.        

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