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The polythene film extrusion process involves blowing up a molten bubble of film and then cooling and cutting it to shape. This is a technically difficult process and is affected by external conditions (such as heat and humidity) and by the flexibility and stretchiness of the film. Whilst we strive to obtain exact dimensions, a degree of manufacturing tolerance is therefore always required on every product.


Talk to us to discuss your packaging and sustainability aims.


We will quote for your product and discuss quantity discounts


All final artwork and specifications will be approved by the customer.


We will program your product into our schedule according to lead time.

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We strive to give you what you want, when you want it. We work 24 hours a day extruding polythene on arange of machines. This ensures quick lead times.

We are a 100% customer focused Company. We pride ourselves in helping our customers not only choose the best product for their application but delivering on time everytime.

We are never staying still. Constantly investing in new technology both on the factory floor but in our back office. We are developing our own systems to integrate with both our suppliers and our customers.

We use high quality polymers and masterbatches in all our products to ensure they perform at the highest levels and match our customers expectations and specifications.

We operate a huge range of different machines and polythene extruders to allow us to manufacture almost any type, size and style of polythene products.

Lets talk! We love to get involved in projects and collaborate with design agencies and new products.

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