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Sometimes We're Not Meant To Erase Our Article, Yet

Optimax Cardboard Shredder
Cardboard Shredders

The Optimax® brand is a global
standard that encapsulates the
very best of packaging equipment
innovation and engineering available
to the packaging professional.

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Polythene Calculations

No need to work out all those awkward calculations and sizes, we are adding several different tools to help you order your

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Lynx Polythene Christmas Card
Merry Christmas

Indigenous, and the eastern intellectual traditions, essay writing help of such as chinese and japanese intellectual..

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Blown or Cast Stretchfilm

Stretch film comes in varying gauges, colours and can be used in numerous applications. The main variable and starting point for stretch

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Rubble sacks on rolls
Bags on Rolls

We are pleased to announce the installation of our new FAS Euroline. This new addition allows us to manufacture a range of

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